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Commercial Tree Trimming Services in Houston and the surrounding areas

At Maincor Group, we specialize in providing exceptional commercial tree services in Houston, TX, with a focus on the tree care industry. With a unique ability to scale up for large projects at short notice without compromising quality, we stand out as the most professional, efficient, and responsive company in the line clearance industry.

Inspections for Peace of Mind

With our top-tier pre-inspection team, we guarantee accurate and efficient data entry. Using the latest GIS software, we precisely plot all required work, ensuring reduced liability for utility owners nationwide. In a time of increasing climate change and utility-related accidents, having Maincor Group as your expert partner can make a crucial difference.

Municipal and HOA Services

For cities and Homeowner Associations (HOAs), Maincor Group understands the specific needs for tree care. We have successfully managed trim projects across major metropolitan areas, consistently completing them on time or even ahead of schedule. Our fast, clean, and professional approach ensures optimum results. With our team of ISA Certified Arborists and skilled tree trimming and removal crews, we tailor pre-storm agreements to address any concerns about post-storm cleanup.

Storm Clean-Up Experts

Maincor Group excels in disaster response, deploying efficient crews to handle tree care challenges during hurricanes, wildfires, tornadoes, earthquakes, snowstorms, and other natural disasters.

Accurate Tree Appraisals

Tree and landscape appraisal can be complex, but our well-trained and experienced arborists at Maincor Group are adept at this process. We use highly respected methods to ensure your tree appraisal is accurate and enforceable, as trees hold more value than you may think.

Commercial Tree Trimming Services in Houston, TX

Commercial Tree Trimming Services in Houston, TX

Trees are a valuable asset for your commercial building and landscape, but there are times when tree trimming services become essential, especially in emergency situations. Here are some reasons why you might need urgent tree trimming:


When trees are heavily infested with harmful pathogens, they can threaten the health of neighboring trees, necessitating immediate trimming.

Storm Damage

Harsh climatic conditions like storms, droughts, lightning strikes, hail, etc., can cause trees to fall or branches to drop, creating hazards that require prompt trimming.

Safety Concerns

Trees that pose a safety risk to your home, driveway, or obstruct new construction projects need timely attention through trimming.

Dead or Dying Trees

Trimming is necessary when a tree is dead or dying to prevent potential dangers.

Urban Environment

In urban settings, trees sometimes overgrow and need to be trimmed urgently for proper management.

Maincor Group: Your Best Option for Commercial Tree Trimming in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. 

At Maincor Group, we take immense pride in serving various areas in and around Houston, including Memorial, River Oaks, Tanglewood, The Galleria Area, Friendswood, Huffman, Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita, Summerwood, Eagle Springs, Lake Shore, The Woodlands, Spring, Porter, and Conroe.

Tree Trimming Services in Houston, TX

Our Core Values Drive Our Services

When it comes to safe, reliable, and professional tree trimming in Houston, Maincor Group is the name trusted by countless homeowners. Our integrity, sincerity, and commitment to timely solutions have earned us a reputation as the go-to experts for all tree-related emergencies.

  • Safety: With our seasoned specialists, we ensure preventive measures to minimize property damage, providing reliable and long-term solutions for tree services.
  • Care: As industry leaders, we know the right pruning techniques, materials, and methods to offer professionally priced tree services.
  • Integrity: At Maincor Group, our tree services aim to leave you satisfied with the results, knowing you received full value for your investment.

We Are Prepared for Emergencies

Understanding that tree emergencies can strike without warning, we offer competitive prices and easily accessible emergency tree trimming services. Our competent service personnel undergo continuous training and industry exposure to stay updated with the latest tree care practices. With the right blend of skills, knowledge, and expertise, we ensure no damage is caused to your landscape or building during the trimming process.

 Rest assured that we prioritize safety and take all preventive measures to mitigate risks during tree trimming. Maincor Group is your reliable partner for prompt and professional tree trimming services in Houston, TX.