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Commercial Pressure Washing For Office Buildings

Commercial Pressure Washing For Office Buildings in Houston, TX

At Maincor Group, we understand that attracting customers, employees, and tenants to your office building requires a well-maintained exterior that looks clean and professional. As a responsible commercial property owner or manager, you’ve prioritized the functionality and aesthetics of your office building. You’ve ensured the building systems keep tenants comfortable year-round, and the landscaping is well-maintained and visually appealing. However, you may have recently noticed dirt, mildew, and various other organic materials accumulating on the building’s surfaces. Some of the window exteriors, especially those on the north and shaded sides of the building, have begun to show a layer of green growth. If left unaddressed, this trajectory could make your building appear unkempt and unmaintained, deterring visitors and affecting the image of your business.

Don’t panic; we have the solution. Maincor Group has the right people, the right process, and the right equipment needed to restore your office building’s appearance in as little as one to three days. Let’s explore how we achieve this.

Commercial Pressure Washing in Houston, TX

Preparing Your Office Building for the Cleaning Process:

Considering Building Materials

Our first step in preparing for your office building’s pressure washing is to assess the building materials. Each material has unique characteristics, requiring specific pressures, detergents, and methods. Delicate surfaces like stucco may demand gentler cleaning methods with lower pressure, while more robust materials like concrete can tolerate higher pressure and stronger cleaning agents.

Evaluating Surface Condition

The condition of the surface is a critical aspect to consider. If mold, mildew, or other organic growth covers the surface, we’ll employ algaecide-based cleaning solutions to eradicate the issue. In the case of a surface covered in dirt and dust, a standard detergent may suffice. The age and condition of the surface also factor into our approach, as older or damaged surfaces may require more gentle cleaning methods.

Addressing Accessibility

Accessibility is another crucial consideration. Hard-to-reach surfaces, like rooftops or upper levels of the building, may necessitate specialized equipment, such as boom lifts, scissor lifts, or extension poles for effective cleaning. We also pay close attention to the accessibility of surrounding common areas, like sidewalks and parking lots, and plan accordingly. This might involve scheduling cleaning during after-hours and weekends when pedestrian traffic is minimal or employing safety markers.

Choosing Chemicals and Cleaning Solutions

Selecting the right type and strength of cleaning solutions is paramount. For heavily soiled surfaces or those covered in organic growth, we opt for stronger cleaning solutions. These potent solutions must be used with care on delicate surfaces and around plants and landscapes. We meticulously manage the cleaning process by pre and post-hydrating the landscape and employing air-permeable material to protect plants when necessary. Neutralizers also play a role in our approach.

Determining Dwell Time

The dwell time is a crucial factor that follows the selection of cleaning solutions. It refers to the time a detergent or degreaser sits on the surface before rinsing. Surfaces heavily soiled or covered in organic growth may require longer dwell times. We ensure a thorough, high-volume rinsing of the solution immediately after the dwell time to remove all detergents.

The Final Rinsing Step

The final step in our pressure washing process is thorough rinsing. It involves using a high volume of water and an even spray pattern to eliminate all remaining cleaning solution and debris. Proper rinsing is essential to avoid leaving a dull, chalky finish and potential surface damage.

Why The Maincor Group Is Your Best Option For Commercial Pressure Washing for Office Buildings in Houston, TX

Hiring a professional pressure washing company is vital to ensure that the job is done correctly and efficiently. Maincor Group is a reputable company with the equipment, experience, reviews, and knowledge to clean your office building effectively while protecting the surrounding area and the environment. We encourage you to research companies, ask for references, and check their credentials before hiring them to ensure they are experienced and qualified.

Give your office building the care it deserves and contact Maincor Group today. Let us restore your office building’s exterior to a clean and professional appearance that attracts customers, employees, and tenants.