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Commercial Landscaping

The Maincor Group is here to provide full commercial landscaping in Houston services for you and your property, regardless of your needs. Our staff consists of licensed and seasoned landscape contractors who strive to actualize your vision, enhance your property, and assist you with the utmost professionalism. You can rely on us to share your vision, and you can be confident that we will do all possible to surpass your expectations.

We are delighted to offer landscape design, landscape installation, and tree care services to business owners in the Houston region. We have worked with a variety of the most prominent businesses in Houston, including retail businesses, homeowner organizations, hospitals, municipalities, academic institutions, and others. Our team of landscape professionals has experience with a wide range of property types and can assist you in resolving any landscape-related issues you may have. Simply describe your vision for your property’s landscaping, and we will implement it.

Commercial Landscaping in Houston, TX

Our Commercial Landscaping Services

We offer a wide range of landscaping services for business properties, including:

Tree Care in Houston

We can assist make sure your trees are well-maintained and evaluated for safety risks, whether you’re trying to create a good first impression with clients, improve curb appeal, or give staff, students, and patients a much-needed breath of fresh air.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

 Your landscape will receive the specialized attention it requires with the help of our bespoke business landscape maintenance services.

Landscape Development

To create your ideal new landscape or restore your existing one, we offer commercial landscape design and construction.

Landscape Improvement

To upgrade your site, we advise implementing landscape improvements such seasonal décor, tree and shrub planting, and safety improvements.

Snow and Ice Removal

Our crew is available around-the-clock to manage snow and ice on your property so that your business may continue operating safely.

You’ll receive individualized, comprehensive treatment that keeps your landscape in top condition for many years when you work with us for business landscaping and snow management.

Why The Maincor Group Is Your Best Option For Commercial Landscaping in Houston, TX

For commercial landscaping in Houston, Texas, The Maincor Group is your best option. With over 25 years of experience, our team is dedicated and trained for all project specifications. We output our best value and unmatched professionalism to the community. We provide a wide range of expert commercial landscaping services. Not only that, but our landscaping professionals are on-call, meaning they will be ready to assist you and your business at a moment’s notice!