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Commercial Mulch Installation in Houston and the surrounding areas

At Maincor Group, we understand the importance of a well-landscaped commercial property to leave a lasting impression on your customers. That’s why we offer top-notch commercial mulch installation services in Houston, TX. After your landscaping has been designed and installed, we will skillfully spread fresh mulch or rock ground coverings to elevate the overall look and professionalism of your business.

A Wide Range of Mulch and Decorative Rock Options For Your Property 

When it comes to ground coverings, we provide various options to suit your preferences. Choose from the following mulch and decorative rock types:

  • Hardwood: Standard or Dyed (available in brown, black, and red)
  • Bark: Standard or Dyed (available in brown, black, and red)
  • Cypress Mulch
  • River Gravel
Commercial Mulch Installation in Houston, TX

Commercial Mulch Installation in Houston, TX and the Surrounding Areas Designed to Last!

To maintain the beauty and functionality of your landscaping, mulch refreshment is essential. Over time, mulch breaks down, and we can help restore its appeal with a fresh coating of new mulch. After the initial installation, we usually lay the mulch approximately 2 inches thick. When we refresh your mulch, we aim for a thickness of about 1”-1 ½”.

Efficient Mulch Blowing for Large Areas

For covering vast areas with mulch, we offer mulch blowing services, ideal for large hillsides, open spaces, and expansive playgrounds. Utilizing a mulch blower, we ensure even distribution of mulch across the area, significantly improving efficiency compared to manual methods. The depth at which we blow the mulch will depend on the job, but typically we apply a 2-inch depth for initial installation and then refresh with an inch or so as it naturally breaks down.

The Benefits of Commercial Mulch Installation in Houston, TX and the Surrounding Areas

Beyond enhancing aesthetics, our expert mulch installation offers numerous benefits for your landscape beds, including:

  • Insulation against extreme temperature changes
  • Prevention of soil erosion during rain or snowmelt
  • Suppression of weed growth
  • Retention of water to prevent rapid evaporation before it can be absorbed into the soil

Ready to Boost The Curb Appeal of Your Commercial Property? 

With years of experience in commercial landscaping, our team is well-equipped to handle mulch installation with utmost expertise. Call us today to set up an estimate or to inquire about our exceptional mulch installation services in Houston, TX. Elevate your business landscape with Maincor Group!